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Anya - Coming Up Strong!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/06/2020 - 10:25

Judith Anya Samson has her FIRST solo exhibition OPEN NOW at Yaama Ganu featuring a vibrant collection of Anya's works from the last year, including a few feature works from Anya's Grandmother and creative mentor Dadda Samson.

Anya learned to paint from a young age, painting with Dadda, learning her craft and culture in the process. Now Anya is a strong and vivacious young woman, and a fearless artist to boot!

Although devastated to have travel plans to see the exhibition scuppered, Anya can feel the power of her show all the way from Martumili in Newman - "When I do my paintings I feel happy and strong. I feel happy for my Country where I grew up. That's my place. Where my Nanna been learn me to paint. I do my own style now- me, Anya. but I wanna go Yaama Ganu!!!"

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