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Martumili Artists @ VIVID Live 2021

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/01/2021 - 14:26

Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground, 2021 by the Martu Artists and Curiious

With soundtrack by Electric Fields and Martu Artists (Inspired by Yarrkalpa – Always Walking Country 2014)

Featuring the incredible original artwork : 'Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area', 2013 by Martu Artists:

Janice Yuwali Nixon (dec)
Kumpaya Girgirba
Nancy Kanu Taylor (dec)
Ngamaru Bidu
Nola Ngalanka Taylor
Reena Rogers
Thelma Judson
Yikartu Bumba

Inspired by the multi media artwork Yarrkalpa - Always Walking Country 2014, directed by internationally renowned artist and filmmaker Lynette Wallworth in collaboration with the Martu Artists and Anohni.

Each year an internationally-renowned artist is commissioned to create an original artwork for projection onto the Sydney Opera House that captures the spirit of the iconic landmark recognised as the cultural epicentre of Australia.

Known as Lighting of the Sails, this year Sydney-based agency Curiious Studio will bring to life the stunning Martumili collaborative painting 'Yarrkalpa (Hunting Ground), Parnngurr Area', 2013, across the spectacular sails, extending the Martu Artists’ stories beyond the walls of a gallery.

‘Yarrkalpa (Hunting Ground)’ is a visually striking and complex painting, brimming with vibrant colour and energy, which depicts the Parnngurr commmunity and surrounding landscape. It represents an intimate connection with country, cataloguing seasons, traditional burning practices and regrowth, hunting and resources, as well as abstracted tales.

The Sydney Opera House is the perfect canvas on which to share the Martu’s stories with Sydneysiders and visitors, and an ideal moment in time to offer a new perspective into ancestral practices and knowledge of Country.

This new animated artwork will celebrate the Martu's intimate knowledge of the land and explore the language and the development of the painting itself. Curiious Studio utilises a vast range of techniques to create a new perspective, from modern technologies to capture organic, physical textures and high-resolution scans of the artwork. This creates a seamless connection between the tactile painting and the digital exploration.

This is the second collaboration with First Nations artists for Lighting of the Sails.

Learn more about the Lighting of the Sails event here, 6 - 28 Aug, 6pm - 11pm. Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000

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