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Current Exhibitions


    ‘MARLPA’ is the Martu word for companionship or company, so for two people who are good friends, who spend much time together, often painting together it seemed like a fitting name for their first joint exhibition. 

    Aboriginal Contemporary and Martumili Artists are proud and privileged to bring you Corban Clause Williams and Judith Anya Samson who are destined to shape the future of Western Desert Art.

    Aboriginal Contemporary, Sydney NSW

    17 September 2021

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    The Junction Co. warmly welcomes the Martumili Mob for a special Courthouse Gallery+Studio exhibition – showcasing a fun and diverse group show by emerging and established Martumili Artists. All are invited to celebrate the contemporary identity of the artist group, and the unique environments the Martu artists work in. For Martu, art making is about so much more than paintings – the art centre is a space of community connection, story-telling, cultural celebration, and communal joy. This exhibition offers the Port Hedland community a chance to be get to know the incredible people and experiences that make Martumili so special.

    This vibrant exhibition captures the energy that Martumili Artists have for creating and presenting their work and illustrates the Martu Peoples’ commitment to sharing the importance of Country and keeping culture alive.

    Martumili Mob features artwork by Attaya Angie, Gladys Kuru Bidu, Biddy Bunawarrie, Marianne Burton, Derrick Butt, Nancy Nyanjilpayi (Ngarnjapayi) Chapman, Amy French, Kumpaya Girgirba, Lily Jatarr Long, Roxanne Newberry, Mary Rowlands, Judith Anya Samson, Desmond Taylor, Curtis Taylor, Muuki Taylor, Debra Thomas, Bugai Whyoulter, Cyril Whyoulter, Corban Clause Williams and Pauline Williams.

    Court House Gallery, Port Hedland WA

    6 August – 30 September 2021

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  • Paper Wangka (Paper Story)

    As part of the NAIDOC celebrations, Martumili Artists present, Paper Wangka (Paper Story)

    Curated by Corban Clause Williams, Sylvia Wilson, and Robina Clause
    An exhibition showcasing never seen before works on paper from established and emerging Martumili Artists.  Corban, Sylvia and Robina worked round the clock with PAM (Proffessional Arts Management) to curate and install this very special exhibition, unearthing treasures from the Martumili archives.

    Martumili Artist Gallery, Newman WA

    8 May – 28 May 2021

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  • Warralong

    434km from Newman, Warralong community was established as an offshoot of the Strelley Station, and has strong ties to pastoral history, including the 1946 Pilbara strike. The closest of the communities to the coast, Warralong is also surrouded by lush waterways and green campspots. The community is centred around the school, which is where the Warralong artists set up to paint. Martumili Artists such as Biddy Bunawarrie, Lorna Linmurra, Mary Rowlands, May Mayiwalku Chapman and Doreen Chapman all call Warralong home, and like to take the Martumili staff camping and fishing when they can!

    Featured Artists: Doreen Chapman, Elizabeth Toby, Lorna Linmurra, May Chapman Mayiwalku (May Wokka), Nancy Chapman Nyanjilpayi, Ngamaru Bidu and Yikartu Bumba

    Yaama Ganu Gallery, Moree NSW

    10 July – 10 August 2021

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  • JIRLPIPARAKU (A few old men)

    Yunkurra Billy Atkins, Wokka Taylor and Muuki Taylor were born and raised at Kulyakartu, Kuljali and Kumpupirntily in the East Pilbara region of WA. Yunkurra is the caretaker and custodian of Kumpupirntily while Muuki and Wokka are the protectors of Kulyakartu. This inherited duty is an enormous responsibility as the areas hold immense cultural importance. Last year, during the height of the pandemic, they revisited their country and painted a series of works invigorating their cultural connection. This is their story.

    Paul Johnstone Gallery, Darwin NT 

    8 May – 28 May 2021

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