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Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Powerhouse Wanti


    An exhibition from Sylvia Wilson, emerging curator at Martumili Art Gallery.

    “I have selected the powerhouse wantis (women). Strong women that put themselves last and take on a lot. The powerhouse. Mariane Burton is someone who looks after her family putting the grandkids first and travelling with them to Perth and Newman from Punmu for appointments. The word Matriarch comes to mind. Marlene Anderson is like the matriarch of the family. The boss lady. Always helping everyone else out and leaves herself to the end. “She does her own artwork but also works in the gallery. She teaches us her knowledge, like basket weaving and honey ant collecting”. I was told Kumpaya Girgiba was the top lore woman and her story of pujiman (Bush) is so important. She is a leader of the martu women and a senior artists. “That’s all I can say about her. And finally Ngamaru Bidu, you give her the bread if you know what I mean. Because when you look at her, her stance, her energy and her vibe, you can feel it. You don’t muck around with Ngamaru.”


    Moores Building Art Space, Fremantle

    25th of May - 9th of June

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