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Jakayu was born near Pitu, east of Well 25, and grew up in Manyjilyjarra Country around Kunawarritji, Wikirri, Rarrki, Wantili, Nyilangkurr and Nyinyari. Jakayu’s family waited longer than most pujiman (desert dwellers) before leaving their traditional life, with first contact with whitefellas occurring along the Canning Stock Route. In 1982, during the ‘return to County’ movement, she moved to with her family to Punmu community, where she continues to live today with her children and grandchildren.


Jakayu is a senior Martumili Artist, known for her bold, painterly style. She frequently depicts the sandhills, claypans and salt lakes of the Manyjilyjarra desert regions through which she travelled through to young adulthood, and views painting as an important means of passing cultural knowledge to younger Martu generations.


Born c. 1936


Photo taken by Tobias Titz

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