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Karnu was a Warnman woman from Karlamilyi, and the younger sister of Minyawe Miller, highly regarded senior Martumili Artist. As a young woman, she and her family travelled extensively in the Karlamilyi region, losing close family members at Kurrka, Nullagine and Wirtilwirtil (near Woody Woody gold mine). Karnu painted the country around Karlamilyi, including Japarli, Yaralalyu. Jinturinypalangu and Jutupa. Many of her family members are also dedicated artists. After many years as an important member of the Parnngurr community, Karnu came to live with family in Newman, and spent her days painting in the Martumili studio, passing down stories of Country and culture to her many young grandchildren.

Born c. 1941

Photo taken by Tobias Titz

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