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Nancy Chapman is the sister of fellow senior Martumili Artists Mulyatingki Marney, May Chapman and Marjorie Yates (dec). As children, Nyanjilpayi and her family walked around the area between Punmu and Kunawarritji communities. Both of Nyanjilpayi’s parents passed away at when she and her siblings were still very young, leaving them to survive by themselves in the desert.  In 1982, during the ‘return to Country’ movement, Nyanjilpayi and husband (and senior Martumili Artists) Minyawe Miller moved to Punmu Community, where they continue to live as respected elders and community leaders. Nyanjilpayi is a knowledgeable and prolific painter of country around Punmu and the country in the mid-sections of the Canning Stock Route.

Born c. 1941

Photo taken by Tobias Titz

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