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Wokka was born in Kulyakartu, far kayili (north) of the Martu homelands near the Percival Lakes area. Kulyakartu is a very important area to the artist and his family. They would travel there during the pujiman (desert born) days in the wet season. The area, predominately grass planes, was renowned as an excellent site for hunting. During the dry season Wokka’s family would travel yurlparirra (south) to the Percival lakes area, stopping to camp at the numerous waterholes of the region. Wokka is the younger brother to fellow Martumili Artist Muuki Taylor. Both men are very highly regarded cultural leaders and senior Martu men. Wokka’s wife, Karnu Nancy Taylor, is an equally well-known and respected painter. 

Born c. 1939

Photos taken by Tobias Titz

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